We believe not only in providing creative design solutions but also to ensure that the projects are well constructed and delivered. We do not have a factory approach and we only take on reasonable amount of work which we can handle efficiently. Considering that we may be dealing with not so efficient and adequately resourced vendors, we generally involve a larger team consisting of seniors and juniors. The senior staff members will handle the design development, client relationship, approvals, material selection / availability, cost control, etc. while the juniors will manage the site related issues and coordination between various vendors.

As one of the India’s longest-standing interior design consultancy firms, we have worked on a wide variety of high-profile interior design projects with varying size and cost and at different locations. We are very proud of our reputation as versatile and creative problem solvers, comfortable with the notion of dealing with unusual circumstances, and breaking new ground when originating concepts. Quality of thoughts and careful consideration of clients’ ultimate objectives are the portals through which our efforts and services are delivered.

During the early stages of the project, we prepare a detailed project plan based on the client commercial parameters, known site constraints, working hour limitations, capability of vendors, etc. A project plan, prepared at the onset of the project, covers all the details that are imperative to the success of the project. A well-structured project team is allocated to the project.

We recognize that for speedy execution clarity on design issues and coordination of MEP requirements is critical. It is our endeavor to get the design concept, details, finishes, cost estimates, approvals, etc. signed-off / obtained before commencement of works on site and thereafter the change requests are kept to minimum. We believe in visualizing and solving the likely site issues on drawing-board much before they crop up during construction. The proper design development coupled with strong project management is the key to the success of any project.

We do not operate as a watertight compartment and at times in the interest of the project step-in as necessary to assist the project / construction manager. Probably there are not many firms with depth of knowledge that we have gained during our over 25 year old professional practice in India. Our business philosophy of retaining the clients has helped us to survive and grow even during the recession time. The client satisfaction and the repeat business from our clients are our motivation and inspiration, and not the fees that we earn.

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